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Why use CVinci?

You have probably noticed that for Germans formalities, perfect execution and a structured process are very important. Even more so applying for a job. Your first objective is to get to the job interview. CVinci helps you to do just that by focusing on the key success factors for your application:


You are unique?
Show it!
Recruiters view hundreds of applications every day. Make YOURS stand out.


You know what you are good at?
Follow your calling!
Recruiters do not appreciate “one size fits all” applications. Focus on positions YOU really want.


You are the perfect fit for the position?
Let them know!
Recruiters want to see why YOU are the candidate to invite. Surpass their expectations with customized content.

Recruiter insights

  • For me the attached certificates are important. I tend to look at grades for the high school diploma ("Abitur").

    Head of Recruitment financial industry
  • I tend to hire foreigners for their skill set. Some combinations are just not common at German universities.

    Recruiter IT sector
  • If you know somebody at the company where you are applying - make sure to get a personal recommendation.

    Head of HR IT services industry
  • I like visually appealing applications with clear and concise messages. If you want to work in brand management - start with branding yourself.

    Hiring Manager Marketing consumer goods industry
  • I would never forward a "one-size-fits-all" application to a client. My clients expect candidates which want this one position with this specific company - and can clearly explain why they are the right guy for this job.

    Partner recruitment agency
  • We specifically look for foreigners who can bring local know-how about a market we want to serve.

    Head of HR IT sector
  • The application letter really matters to me. It should be concise, punchy - and really customized for the position.

    Head of Recruitment automotive sector
  • My key priority is a well-structured CV, which can be skimmed for relevant information within seconds.

    Recruitment & Employer Branding Consultant SMEs
  • For me, relevant work experience is the one most important factor in a CV. However, for some of my clients factors like hobbies, volunteering or a good picture are equally important. They want somebody who is a good cultural fit for their team.

    Recruiter IT sector
  • Always take the time to customize your CV - to the respective company, the position and the country requirements. A "mass-application" is a clear exclusion criterion.

    Partner recruitment agency

Our Services

This is how we can help you to impress recruiters:

Application review

Have you already started applying?
Not happy with the outcome so far?
We check your existing application and give clearly structured recommendations on how to improve content and design.

Review services start from:

Application set-up

Are you just starting into the application process?
We can help you to set-up an outstanding application based on your professional preferences and target positions.

Set-up services start from:


Are you unsure how your profile fits into the German job market? Do you want to learn more about an industry or find firms which deal with your home country? Get in touch with our expert network.

Coaching is available from:



Haven’t found what you are looking for?

We are continuously working on improving our services. You are welcome to contact us with questions and proposals.

Application examples

There is no one size fits all solution. We create an application for you which addresses industry and role requirements. Below we present some examples to give you an idea on how different applications could be.

  • "Thank you! My application looked very professional - short, catchy and with clear links to the desired position. I directly received interview invites."

    Oren International Sales Manager
  • "The review really helped me to brand myself and bring out my strengths. I feel more confident now."

    Irina Business Student
  • Germans are perfectionists. A good and customized application helped me to open many doors.

    Jacob Senior Analyst
  • "The application review was very analytical and concise. It really helped to identify the weak points in my CV. I can directly build on the feedback to improve my application."  

    Stefan Master Student in Health Economics
  • What was great is that you didn't just look at the application - but at me as a person and the best opportunities where I could fit in. It was really helpful to have you as a sparring partner.  

    Jan Student in Media Management

Why waste your time on applications which go unnoticed?

At CVinci, we help you to deliver what recruiters expect.